Openleaks vs. CCC

August 14, 2011

There is some trouble going on in the CCC camp as the CCC expelled Daniel Domscheidt-Berg from it’s club. The CCC board was irritated, if not irate, because Daniel asked the hackers at the camp to look into his and other leaking platforms. The CCC claims that Daniel wants to lever on the clubs reputation and insisted that it turned similar requests by other parties down previously and Daniel should have known. Here is the talk that Daniel held on the camp that apparently caused this anger.

To be honest, nothing in this talk struck me as calling for trouble. Seeing this talk, it is hard for me to imagine that the CCC decision was biased and well thought through. I also don’t see the point in criticizing Daniel as a person. His project is not ideal, especially because he didn’t deliver on the transparency yet that the name OpenLeaks promises. However, what Daniel said in this talk is well in line with previous talks, with what common sense, and with information that I obtained in some private Email exchanges with the OpenLeaks team. So, unless someone else comes up with a more promising project, I hope the OpenLeaks team proceeds and we finally have a leak platform up and running again.

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