Hacking My Company

November 25, 2011

Today I received the following message. Sole purpose seems to be to tempt me to open the attachment in order to break in our system. Interestingly, it is highly customized including real existing names, branch offices and counterparts. As the trojan horse also remained undetected by the virus scanners, I assume it was constructed for the very purpose. Nice try.

Corruption at <Company Name> !!!


At this very moment, without you noticing it – <Company Name> is becoming a corrupt company!!!

Hamburg’s trader <Real Trader Name> has misappropriated company funds during several years. He set up fictious deals with the power broker <Counterparty Name> from London – the fraud’s losses sum up to more than EUR 2.300.000!
So called “switches” or “triangular deals” were intentionally booked and charged with broker fee. Those deals are supposed to be free of charge. Several hundreds of those deals exist between <Real Trader Name> and <Counterparty Name>. It is not possible to book those deals falsely by accident. Both parties – trader and broker – have to confirm same prices, volumes and broker fee. If one party books falsely, it is discovered by the other one. Only if both parties confirm each other the deals will float into the system.
An internal investigation is still running.  <Counterparty Name> already repaid the money. So there exists consensus that those deals are not legitimate. Claims of technical mistakes were made. The money is back, but there are no consequences for the corrupt employee <Real Trader Name>.

Why not? This was not done by mistake. It is a corrupt and criminal setup. Your company’s management is fostering corruption and prevents transparency. <Company Name>’s management must be aware that it compromises every employee’s trust and goodwill by protecting corrupt individuals. <Company Name> automatically admits complicity in this affair of corruption when it does not act in a transparent and just way.

See for yourselves and browse through the attached list. It contains all switch deals that were booked by <Branch Location>’s traders from 2008 on. Every row contains two deals with their according booking IDs. Those two deals make up one triangular deal.
Sort by name and broker company. Look for triangular deals that were booked with broker fee. Where those deals appear systematically, a corrupt scheme is behind it.

Verify the deals; make sure you understand what is going on. Once you understand the full scope, ask your superior if he knew about it. Do not make way for concealment and corruption.

This message went to over 1,000 recipients within your company.


This message will eventually reach <Company Name>’s business partners.

This message will eventually reach the press.


Occupy HSH Nordbank

November 3, 2011

Derweil in Hamburg vor dem HSH Haupteingang

(Quelle: Peter)


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