Openleaks vs. CCC

There is some trouble going on in the CCC camp as the CCC expelled Daniel Domscheidt-Berg from it’s club. The CCC board was irritated, if not irate, because Daniel asked the hackers at the camp to look into his and other leaking platforms. The CCC claims that Daniel wants to lever on the clubs reputation and insisted that it turned similar requests by other parties down previously and Daniel should have known. Here is the talk that Daniel held on the camp that apparently caused this anger.

To be honest, nothing in this talk struck me as calling for trouble. Seeing this talk, it is hard for me to imagine that the CCC decision was biased and well thought through. I also don’t see the point in criticizing Daniel as a person. His project is not ideal, especially because he didn’t deliver on the transparency yet that the name OpenLeaks promises. However, what Daniel said in this talk is well in line with previous talks, with what common sense, and with information that I obtained in some private Email exchanges with the OpenLeaks team. So, unless someone else comes up with a more promising project, I hope the OpenLeaks team proceeds and we finally have a leak platform up and running again.

2 Responses to Openleaks vs. CCC

  1. nigecus sagt:

    maybe it is better that ccc’s name is not related to openleaks. there is no obvious need for it, except advertising. i think Domscheidt-Berg will succeed with its project. maybe some people will join him. by coincidence some those might be member of other organization as well.

    i think the exclusion from ccc was related to his behavior regarding wikileaks. for some reason i feel Domscheidt-Berg is someone who is trying to retain control and power by not sharing knowledge. there are situations you have to trust. if you dont, dont exspect others.

  2. Panama foundation sagt:

    Various German language online media are reporting that Daniel Domscheit-Berg has been expelled from the Chaos Communication Club after his at the 5 day Chaos Computer Camp at an ex-soviet airfield military aircraft museum north of Berlin this week.. Obviously most of the people at the CC campsite were busy with the many other projects and causes but some of the people with expertise and experience of whistleblowing website anonymity and security infrastructure and relations with the mainstream media were present and may have contributed to the discussions and the preview testing ..As anybody who has attended these sort of hacker conventions should know the mere act of putting up a webs server on the campsite network will mean that it will be stress tested in a very hostile network environment with lots of port scans and probes and attempts to hack into it and run denial of service attacks but these would also happen if it was hosted at a major data centre..But that should not be the only proper testing that the system gets before going live a point on which here we agree with the CCC and which Daniel Domscheit-Berg also probably agrees with..Endorsement by mainstream media brand names mentioned above provide far more public trust and credibility whatever that is actually worth regarding a currently non-operational system than any non-existent CCC branding or approval..The CCC have never been known for having any kind of approved by the CCC branding or approval of computer or telecommunications projects and they are deluding themselves if they think they would ever be trusted internationally if they did so..The CCC leaders action it is a properly registered legal entity with a board of directors a constitution etc. now gives the impression of siding with Julian Assange who was never a member against Daniel Domscheit-Berg..As mentioned in his book Daniel Domscheit-Berg and the other former technical staff defector the Architect took away their own intellectual property and thereby disabled the improved submission system.Julian Assange and his cult of supporters have never bothered to replicate even the shaky anonymity and security infrastructure which they were left with or re-launch a different better whistleblower leak submission and publication system despite having plenty of volunteers and money to do so..The president of the CCC Andy Muller-Maguhn who some of us once elected to the board of the ICANN which regulates internet domain name registration and appeals procedures seems to have been trying to mediate between Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg for nearly a year over the return of this encrypted data to Julian Assange..Since there is no evidence that the current team is capable of handling the data securely their current website does not even bother to use an SSL TLS Digital certificate any more they cannot be trusted any more than Daniel Domscheit-Berg can be..The current project may not yet have published its software as an Open Source project which is what the purists at the CCC would like but then neither has nor any other whistleblower website. .Even if they did so there is no guarantee that the specific computer and networking configuration settings and infrastructure used by a particular website are not actually counteracting any anonymity or security functions built in to the Open Source software..All that the CCC board needed to do was to issue a press release making it clear that there was no official CCC endorsement of the project..The breakdown in mediation attempts the CCC may have tried between Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg are not proper grounds for expelling the latter from the Club.

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