The Dispossessed

For the first time since so long I feel like reading the book „The Dispossessed“ again. When I was 19, living in a community, owning no material values (willingly and unwillingly) was hopping for a fair life. Alternatives are like a cross roads. Everything is ending up when we want to be ourselves, and we have to be. To create something first you make a ME, myself, then it is difficult to find out if you are really doing your work for your ego or for the society. The most healthy thing could be to except our ego.

In that point it is helping me a lot to see if i am fair. If I am not, then I see no reason to be proud of what I am doing. But everyone has very different standards for being fare. So even religion couldn’t help making a standard understanding for being fair, the government, low could not as well, different system either. Everything ends up where our ego doesn’t see limits.

Verlorene Generation (c) by Cosmoxs

Verlorene Generation (c) by Cosmoxs

From Wikipedia:

The Dispossessed looks into the mechanisms that may be developed by an anarchist society, but also the dangers of centralization and bureaucracy that might easily take over such society without the continuation of revolutionary ideology. Part of its power is that it gives a spectrum of fairly well-developed characters, who illustrate many types of personalities, all educated in an environment that measures a person not by what he owns, but by what he can do, and how he relates to other human beings. Possibly the best example of this is the character of Takver, the hero’s partner, who exemplifies many virtues: loyalty, love of life and living things, perseverance, and desire for a true partnership with another person.


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